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No. 22 - Hipster Staycation

I'm on staycation because I don't have enough moolah to go to Albi, France, which I was named after. But speaking of French stuff, I'm carrying a red balloon. And it's in Williamsburg. Aren't I artistic?

I hopped over to this old sugar factory, expecting to get some of the good stuff because for a long time sugar plums have been dancing in my head. When I got there, it was just a bunch of hipsters and a big statue of a weird looking rabbit. Even though the statue was like a million times bigger than me, everyone was just staring at me. Hey, guy, I can hear you whispering--did you notice I have huge ears? And please folks, no pictures, I'm just trying to enjoy my day!
So I got away from the riff raff and tried to find out what it's like to really live the life of a street rabbit. This is what it would be like if I were a graffiti artist. I would tag every wall will my paw prints and pictures of hay. Then I'd become even more famous and sell my art to yuppies.
But who am I fooling? I'm no street critter. Nope, Albi is more of a dreamer with his head in the clouds. Here's me, dreaming of my next adventure. Can you guess what I'm thinking? Hint: it's not about you.

No. 21 - White and Black

Hi guys,
I've been holed up this winter. With so many cold spells, polar vortexes, and snowstorms, I've been one bored bunny. I finally decided to get off my duff and check out the outdoor frosting. Look! I can see my shadow. Great, I'm causing another three months of winter. 
Can you see me? I am hidden, white on white. 
Or can you tell me apart from my other pale friend?
I guess I became popular recently. This cute cafe wants me to be their official spokesrabbit. For the famousness of my white fur. I feel very honored, especially when this cute girl wants to take a picture with me. I feel like one of those hunky guys at Abercrombie & Fitch. 
Ah, it's been a long day, entertaining my fans and favorites. I guess it's hard for a white rabbit to hide in the pitch dark. 

No. 20 - Happy Bastille Day

Vive le Albi! Today is Bastille Day, and even though I don't really know what it's all about, I know that all the French people in my neighborhood are in a good mood and have come out to celebrate by wearing funny hats and carrying fancy umbrellas.


Not many of you may know this, but I am named after a small town in France named, you guessed it, Albi! I haven't been there, but I would like to visit. I hear that it is small and lovely, kind of like me.


In France, people like to play football. But that doesn't mean they tackle each other and then eat Doritos after it's over. It means that they kick a ball and chase after each other. Which team am I on, guys?


Want to know what's as good as cronuts? Fancy pastries that they flew all the way from Brittany, France. They must have had a whole big plane full of these things. If I could have snuck on that flight, when they opened the cargo, all they'd find is a big fat rabbit.


But at the festival, the pastries only got second prize. First prize went to me, Albi, for having the best French spirit and being the most popular thing to celebrate. Thanks everyone!


Back in the olden days in France, if you messed with the wrong fella, you'd get your head chopped off with this guillotine. But now, it can be used for more useful purposes, like making a salad for lunch. Check me out as I make this carrot a little more exciting. Don't have a boring carrot; don't have a boring life!


Then it was time for me to do a little judging at this petanque match. The object is to throw the balls in the sand and then stare at them for as long as you can. Hey, you with the hat, no cheating!


Happy Bastille Day everyone!


No. 19 - Albi's Summer Vacation

Summertime! After working hard all year in cramped quarters, I drove an hour upstate to my good friend's summer home for a little R&R (Rabbit & Relaxation). Here's me, hanging out for a little photo opp. Don't I look handsome? Someone get me my blazer and call the society pages!


If you want to be a gentlerabbit, you should try to do nice things like take afternoon tea. I've got enough tea for two. Who would like to join me? And would you mind doing the pouring?


After tea, it was time to let my fur down. Here's me playing a little Rock Band. I don't really have much of a singing voice, but I can really thump these drums with all four paws.

I liked the house, the tea, the bridge and everything else, but I think my favorite part of all was playing inside these pots.


No. 18 - Dear Albi

Hello tall readers,

I recently discovered some fanmail sitting in my inbox. Sorry I could not get back any sooner. My servants have been busy lately. I am training them to watch more Downton Abbey so they get the message.

Letter from Li-Ling:

I love the blog and rabbit albi is so cute sooooooooo cute LOLZ

Albi says:
Thanks alot, Li-Ling. I will send you a special message. Watch out in your inbox!

Letter from Ashley:

Hey Albi, i am a huge fan, my friend showed me your blog and i think its really cool and funny. I never thought that i would like to read these kind of blogs but now all i do is reread your blog every day. you are my role model  !!! thanks Albi for reading this. i hope you answer back.

Albi says:

Hi Ashley! Thank you for your neat-o message. Is this picture good enough of an answer back?


Letter from Pokke + Tomoko:

Hallo. My name is Pokke.

I'm a gray rabbit with a white dot on my right shoulder like a pocket, so my servant Tomoko call me "Pokke".
Pokke means pocket in baby's word in Japan.

I try to send this message from Japan.
Because, I am deeply grateful for your interesting blog.
Tomoko starts to study English again to understand your blog deeply.
If she improve in her English and her salary rises, I will get more good quality celery and cabbage.

We are looking forward to your interesting news.
We wish you the best of luck with everything.
Please give our best regards to your servants.


Pokke + Tomoko


Albi says:

Hello to my Japanese friends! Your letter is very nice and I like it a lot. I will try to think of more things to put on my blog. Thank you for recognizing my servants. I like them but sometimes, I wish they would work harder. Like massage my paws after dinner.

P.S. Maybe if your salary does not rise fast enough, Pokke can get a job at a rabbit café so that he can get more celery and cabbage.

This job at the rabbit café does not look so tough. There are lots of servants to feed him.

 Keep the letters coming! I'm also available to give you advice based on my rabbit experiences.