Catch Albi in Action

Albi is America's favorite celebrity. See him fight vicious enemies on his YouTube channel. Click here to check him out.

Here is Albi's Facebook fan page.

I am 'albirabbit' on Instagram.


Hello, my name is Albi. That's short for Albi Rabbit.

I am a rabbit that avoids hipsters and dogs whenever possible (they both scare me). I am adopted by my two servants, who picked me up from an orphanage called the Providence Animal League in Rhode Island, USA. Even though my ancestors are from New Zealand I consider myself a New Yorker. I enjoy digging, vegan food, ripping up rugs, and head massages. I am also a good listener and won't ever interrupt your conversation.

I'm looking for friends that are nice, funny, and if you like looking at fun pictures, then I think we will be good buddies.