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No. 12 - Rabbit Responsibilities

We finally got some snow outside, so I called up a few of my Canadian friends who really love the winter, especially snow sports. They couldn't stop smiling! We started hanging out and got to talking.

"Hi Albi," said Sumi (the one in green, he has the wings of thunderbird and the legs of a bear).

"Hiya Sumi, Miga, and Quatchi!" I replied. (Miga is the one in black, she's part killer whale and bear, you know; Quatchi is a sasquatch of course)

"I don't mean to be a Debbie Downer but wow, times are tough. It's been a long time since I had a regular job," Miga mentioned. 

"Yeah, it's been a cold spell, and this the longest I've been unemployed," Quatchi murmured.

Sumi piped in, "I'm optimistic. I check everyday. I think it's a great site for someone like me."


"Aw guys, I know how you feel. I'm in the same boat. I think I'm going to try to find a job today. I got some phone calls back, so wish me luck!" Albi said.


"Maybe we can get a job in 2014. Do you think they'll rehire us at the next Winter Olympics?" Sumi wondered.


After doing some research, I found a job counting toothpicks to put in little boxes. That's a good job for me because I like counting, and I like toothpicks. 1, 2, 3, 4...250...mmmm, toothpicks are tasty. Oops!


It didn't work out at the toothpick factory, so I called up a favor from one of my friends at the Bunny-Luv carrot company. They had an entry-level job packing and sealing bags of carrots. I figured I could do that. Let's see, put the carrots in the bag, inspect the carrots...hmmm, I can't really inspect the carrots without trying them out first.....mmmm, delicious! Oops, I guess I shouldn't have done that.


I finally realized that I shouldn't get a job working with things that I will probably eat. So I thought about it. What am I talented at, and where do I belong? And it hit me. What does Albi Rabbit like more than carrots, bananas, and yogurt chips? Albi Rabbit loves telling it like it is and finding out the truth! That's when I decided to become a rabbit journalist. I'm on my first assignment now and I hope to share with you soon.

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