No. 16 - To my Mommy
Sunday, May 12, 2013 at 7:47PM
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Happy Mother's day, Mommy! I miss you, and since I'm in the big city and you're back home in the beautiful country, I got you this delicious box of cookies!


My mom is always dressed to the nines. I have the best memories of her in the garden, tending to the vegetables and flowers. Isn't she so pretty? Father was pretty good-looking too, that's where I get my soft fur from.


I wanted to send her a photo of me in a garden so she could remember what things were like when I was young. But I don't have my own garden so I had to walk up and down the streets looking for one that I could use. I knocked on the door to ask for permission, but nobody answered. Hmmm, nobody will mind if I just sneak in a photo, right?


Oh no, just when I got in a few snapshots, the police came by and said that I was trespassing. The cop said that lately there has been a problem with rabbits sneaking into gardens. "But I didn't steal anything, officer," I said. But he didn't care.


And that's how I ended up here. Behind bars. Happy Mother's day, mom. I hope this was all worth it.

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