No. 18 - Dear Albi
Wednesday, June 19, 2013 at 11:07AM
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Hello tall readers,

I recently discovered some fanmail sitting in my inbox. Sorry I could not get back any sooner. My servants have been busy lately. I am training them to watch more Downton Abbey so they get the message.

Letter from Li-Ling:

I love the blog and rabbit albi is so cute sooooooooo cute LOLZ

Albi says:
Thanks alot, Li-Ling. I will send you a special message. Watch out in your inbox!

Letter from Ashley:

Hey Albi, i am a huge fan, my friend showed me your blog and i think its really cool and funny. I never thought that i would like to read these kind of blogs but now all i do is reread your blog every day. you are my role model  !!! thanks Albi for reading this. i hope you answer back.

Albi says:

Hi Ashley! Thank you for your neat-o message. Is this picture good enough of an answer back?


Letter from Pokke + Tomoko:

Hallo. My name is Pokke.

I'm a gray rabbit with a white dot on my right shoulder like a pocket, so my servant Tomoko call me "Pokke".
Pokke means pocket in baby's word in Japan.

I try to send this message from Japan.
Because, I am deeply grateful for your interesting blog.
Tomoko starts to study English again to understand your blog deeply.
If she improve in her English and her salary rises, I will get more good quality celery and cabbage.

We are looking forward to your interesting news.
We wish you the best of luck with everything.
Please give our best regards to your servants.


Pokke + Tomoko


Albi says:

Hello to my Japanese friends! Your letter is very nice and I like it a lot. I will try to think of more things to put on my blog. Thank you for recognizing my servants. I like them but sometimes, I wish they would work harder. Like massage my paws after dinner.

P.S. Maybe if your salary does not rise fast enough, Pokke can get a job at a rabbit café so that he can get more celery and cabbage.

This job at the rabbit café does not look so tough. There are lots of servants to feed him.

 Keep the letters coming! I'm also available to give you advice based on my rabbit experiences.


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