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No. 17 - Albi goes cronuts

I was very curious about this new food fad, the cronut. What is a cronut? It is a mutant croissant and donut hybrid. I read on a blog that they were also rose flavored, so I got super excited. I love to eat roses. I found more information online and they said to get there around 7am if you wanted to buy one. Eek! So early. Here I am, waiting to take the subway.


When I got to the Dominique Ansel bakery, there were already so many people in line at 6:50! I wonder if everyone here likes to eat roses too. 


There wasn't much to do while I waiting in line. Most people had a smartphone or book. I wish I could hold something like that with my paws but all I could do was stand there patiently.


At 8, they finally opened the door! I went in and ordered three of these cronuts. mmMMMmmmm--they smell of roses and vanilla, all coated with sugar.


I hope you get to try these soon in NYC. The next time you stop in, please save me one.