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No. 15 - The Busiest Day of the Year

Well folks, I'm sure a lot of you were expecting some big post about Easter and all. Well, I've had just about enough of Easter, after painting and dropping off all those eggs. So I decided to enjoy a little bit of me time. After thinking so much about Albi's dream house, I figured I'd look for some sweet decorations and furniture. But only classy stuff for me, so I took a big trip to Ikea.


Woah, I heard about college kids and their lava lamps, but this selection had me tripping out. Am I decorating my dream house or a rabbit disco?


I started walking around, and this Ikea is like a casino (see previous entry on that)--you can't figure out where you're going and you keep going around in circles and have no choice but to buy stuff. How many yoga mats do I need? Probably one of each color.


I thought I must be dreaming, because then I found myself sinking in a pit of laughing carrots and brocolli creatures. Shut up dummies--I will eat you!


Hopping in endless circles and sinking in vegetable pits sure made me tired. Luckily I stumbled upon a perfect rabbit-sized bed. No Goldilocks problems for me. I wish I knew how to turn off those lights though.


Ikea has all kinds of wacky stuff, and they give you these giant bags to put everything in. I think I decided that all I really needed was one of these bags. Anyhow, everything about this store is crazy in the head--the guy who came up with all this must also write those instruction manuals. 


No. 14 - Home is Where the Rabbit Is

I've been talking a lot about work lately. But I'm the kind of rabbit that works hard and plays hard. And when you play as hard as you work, sometimes it makes your house look bad.

It is a little embarrassing having guests over when the place is falling apart. For example, I wouldn't want anyone to see how bad my bathroom is, with a hole in the ceiling, except maybe a dog. I tried to think of a good way to repair the ceiling, so I stuck my horse in the hole. But then I realized that I still need that horse, so that's not a permanent solution.


I couldn't find the tools I needed to fix the roof, so I did what any handyrabbit would. I went to Lowe's, my neighborhood store.


Right at the front was the garden area. I tried to hide from the sales clerk who might see me snacking on some leaves. Ok, just kidding, of course I didn't eat any of these plants. They didn't look that tasty anyhow.


Forget about Barbie's dream house--this is Albi's dream house! Yoooo-hoo everyone, it's me, Albi!


Of course if I got my dream house, everyone would want to come in, and I'd have to keep them out somehow. Hmmm, this would do the trick. Beware of rabbit! He will paw you in the face!


Call me old-fashioned, but I still like hand-written letters from my fans (but not from the IRS). This mailbox doubles as a guest house.


Silly rabbit, you forgot why you came here in the first place! That roof is not going to fix itself...time to get serious. I'm ready for some heavy duty construction to fix my tattered outhouse. Now where are the power tools? 



No. 13 - Runaway Rabbit

Well, I launched my new career as a rabbit journalist. I didn't realize it would be so tough out there. There are so many good writers! It's been a few weeks now. I hope some one will notice me soon. I found myself brooding around the house, with nothing much to do.

I started to feel self-doubt and worry. What if I wasn't cut out to be a writer? What would my friends say, especially after I told everyone about my new career? I didn't know what to do, so I decided to run away from home. I thought about it a lot. If I were to leave, I would definitely miss my friends. I would miss my fridge. Oh, and my servants are very nice to me. But, but...I felt like I had to leave. I packed up some hay, pellets and a few other things into my knapsack and headed out the door.


Without any place in mind, I hopped in the car and started to think about where I wanted to go. I couldn't think of anything. 


I tried to pull out onto the main road, but all of a sudden, a bunch of cars blocked my way. Argh, the traffic! While I was sitting and waiting for an opportunity to take off, I thought about my friends's jokes from last week and my pet horse and how much I would miss them. Maybe I just needed to keep at this writing business--not everyone can be an overnight success. I pulled the key out of the ignition and went back into my house, with a hop in my step. This rabbit is no quitter!


No. 12 - Rabbit Responsibilities

We finally got some snow outside, so I called up a few of my Canadian friends who really love the winter, especially snow sports. They couldn't stop smiling! We started hanging out and got to talking.

"Hi Albi," said Sumi (the one in green, he has the wings of thunderbird and the legs of a bear).

"Hiya Sumi, Miga, and Quatchi!" I replied. (Miga is the one in black, she's part killer whale and bear, you know; Quatchi is a sasquatch of course)

"I don't mean to be a Debbie Downer but wow, times are tough. It's been a long time since I had a regular job," Miga mentioned. 

"Yeah, it's been a cold spell, and this the longest I've been unemployed," Quatchi murmured.

Sumi piped in, "I'm optimistic. I check everyday. I think it's a great site for someone like me."


"Aw guys, I know how you feel. I'm in the same boat. I think I'm going to try to find a job today. I got some phone calls back, so wish me luck!" Albi said.


"Maybe we can get a job in 2014. Do you think they'll rehire us at the next Winter Olympics?" Sumi wondered.


After doing some research, I found a job counting toothpicks to put in little boxes. That's a good job for me because I like counting, and I like toothpicks. 1, 2, 3, 4...250...mmmm, toothpicks are tasty. Oops!


It didn't work out at the toothpick factory, so I called up a favor from one of my friends at the Bunny-Luv carrot company. They had an entry-level job packing and sealing bags of carrots. I figured I could do that. Let's see, put the carrots in the bag, inspect the carrots...hmmm, I can't really inspect the carrots without trying them out first.....mmmm, delicious! Oops, I guess I shouldn't have done that.


I finally realized that I shouldn't get a job working with things that I will probably eat. So I thought about it. What am I talented at, and where do I belong? And it hit me. What does Albi Rabbit like more than carrots, bananas, and yogurt chips? Albi Rabbit loves telling it like it is and finding out the truth! That's when I decided to become a rabbit journalist. I'm on my first assignment now and I hope to share with you soon.


No. 11 - Down to the Wire

It's that time of year again and I'm way behind on my gift list. Today is some last minute shopping for two favorites in the whole entire world, my servants. After all, they do all of my cooking, cleaning, shopping, and basic rabbit needs, I owe them big time.

I've never been to this store before but it's super nice. I feel like a celebrity. Everyone stops to gaze at my marvellous fur coat.


I saw some fancy trinkets and scoured the shelf, but it wasn't really what I thought they'd like.


A nice store clerk decided to help me find some gift ideas. I was presented with this punching bag but I wasn't too keen on it. 


 This toy pig was super cute. Almost too cute. I wouldn't want to compete with that thing back home.


I know that my servants could use a new set of tires on their old jalopy. But even one tire was super heavy! How would I get this home without them knowing it?


I've almost given up...this is too hard. I started sulking as I strolled down the aisles. That's when I saw this lizard sticking his tongue at me. Hey, maybe my servants would like a pet! They seemed really bored lately. 


 I think my servant girl has a thing for birds. Do you think she would like a parakeet or two?


When I went to the aquarium side, I saw a wallful of amazing goldfish. Wow! Super shiny and fun to watch. I could be here all day.

I think I'm going to finalize my list tonight. I have some good gift ideas now, it's going to be the best holiday yet.